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2023 Year in Review

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

A few moments to reflect on 2023. Not sure about (ya'll-sorry, SC dialect), but I'm pretty tired of some new trends that have surfaced over the last 12 months. Here's a short list:

  • The 2 people conversation when it's the same person and one has their hat on backwards has been outplayed.

  • The Burger King singer who obviously was chosen for his ethnic qualities for diversity sake is singing sharp. And it's annoying AF.

  • Non-Legal states that sell CBD, Delta-9 and now THCA (what is the A?) need to just get on board with pot. It makes money for the state, it helps folks with pain and anxiety, both pluses. However- I'm still about descretion. Stop smelling like a frickin skunk when you go to pick your kids up at school.

  • Taylor Swift is good. She writes her own material. Travis Kelcy is good. He catches touchdowns. But the amount of influence the couple has is gross.

  • Speaking of the NFL. Refs really sucked in 2023. And they have instant replay from every angle.

  • One more NFL. Players that use the word I and me all the time- Fuck off. You'd be nothing without the team.

  • The South is pleasant but the people are not....always. I'm no longer waving at strangers. Going to just mind my own biz cuz it breaks my heart when they don't wave back. Especially on two wheels.

  • Streaming channels are great. That being said, I'm canceling HBO Max, AMC+, Paramount+(thanks, Yellowstone, ya dicks). Going to cancel my Amazon Prime too since they play garbage and just about everyone has free shipping. Hulu, you're on notice. One more price increase and I'm out.

  • Spam. Just stop.

  • Filters that give you doe eyes and flawless skin-about as believable as Jib Jab.

  • I hardly ever use Sam's Club anymore. I used to live two blocks away so used it often. Now, it's 10 miles away and the savings ain't much-especially for 2 people.

  • There's a rarity anymore- lifelong friends. I get it. People change. People move. People vote differently. But I miss having the comradary of being on a team or a band. But I don't miss the headaches.

  • I'm deciding who I'm voting for right now in '24. No one if it's these two baffoons. 230 million people and we have brain dead and orange guy. (again)

  • People that write in ebonics like "tryna" or "fina" need to go back to school. Talk and write like you know a thing or two.

  • Memes can be hilarious. But 24 hours after a tradegy or death, classless.

  • Hollywood remakes. Please stop. They all suck. Nobody cares.

  • Watching old movies makes me want to take up smoking cigarettes again. WTF were we thinking? My God. No wonder ya'll died at 60.

  • The Instagram people that walk up to random folks on the street has been played out. Unless its helping the homeless.

  • Spotify is awesome. That being said, pay the fucking artists what they deserve.

  • People that give to charity or volunteer and then post about what they've done are not doing it from the heart. They are doing for the affect on social.

I hope you enjoyed my isms and hope you and yours have a wonderful 2024.



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