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From the grand opening of the new tiki bar and beer garden at Springfield's premier bar-The Curve Inn, to parking lot shrimp boil parties @ Mowies Cue, to Wine and Scotch dinners at Sebastian's, charity biker events for Weebles Bar and Grill to grand opening events to the new businesses or staples like Knights Action Park, Fine Tune has been as much a part of the community as you have. 
Tiki Grand opening

The Curve Inn has been a Springfield staple since 1932. When recent owners Ami and Ray Merchant, purchased over a dozen years ago, they improved not only the business, but also the cosmetics of the building. They were one of the top bars in the area. Since partnering up with Fine Tune Creative, they've taken the live music to another level, along with promotions, food, drink specials and community involvement. 

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Arizona Tile Company is now celebrating 27 years in central Illinois. Owners Sheryl and Cary Daugherty have taken a passion and turned it into a multi-million dollar flooring, tile, carpet, hardwood, Cambria and Granite and Natural Stone emporium. They have taken their success and shared it with the community in numerous charitable events for the past several years. 

Knights Action Park
Coop advertising

Knights Action Park has been around for decades. Their water and amusement park, along with the route 66 Drive in have entertained families for generations. Since partnering up with Fine Tune in 2016, Knight's Action Park has seen incredible social media presence along with a strategy for 2024 that will deliver so much more for the business, the community and the industry. 

Because we are not an agency and do not work off of commission, we work strictly on your behalf to get the best deals for your marketing dollars. Whether it be rates on local radio or television or some digital signage in your establishment or with Adgators, we work with all vendors and partners to insure you are getting all value added to your buy. The above client is located online at

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