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It's like they aren't even trying anymore

For the better part of a dozen years, I was the creative director for a couple of major radio groups. This really was where I found out the art of a good "campaign". I sat in numerous meetings and presentations with business owners, boards of directors and so-called marketing people. The one question during what we would call an "uncovery meeting" was "What do you want to have happen as a result of this campaign"? The answer was usually bottom line (sales) or community involvement or just general branding of their product or service.

That's when we would go to work and roll up our sleeves and develop a strategy. Do we use humor, testimonials, time sensitivity, or emotions? These are just a few ideas on how to start. But nowadays with social media, the strategy is simply eyes or what is called "impressions". That is the most important line item in any analytics report. And today's marketing, welp, they are all on the same boat......SEX.

Yes, not since Janet's "NippleGate" have we had such blatant boobs, butts, yoga pants, even for a product or service that has absolutely no business promoting sex.

Here's just a few snippets from this morning's newsfeed:

Now don't get me wrong. I am human. I may be more interested in a product or service when there's a pretty person promoting them. But since I do this for a living, it's lost its luster. These are usually fly-by-night companies just trying to get impressions, likes or followers, because that's what owners want to see. Growth. But does this really work long term? A catchy tagline has worked a lot longer (even with a jingle) than a visual stimulus that the mind forgets in a very short period.


So when those new $99 specials from marketing strategists are comin at ya hot with a woman promoting a coffee maker but her breasts are out and wearing yoga pants to where you can tell what religion she is, think for a second......what do I want to happen as a result of this campaign (or in the buyer's case-purchase?) Cuz the girl doesn't come with it. And I promise this. If you subscribe to "clickbait", then you will get got!

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