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Fine. Just Fine.

Welcome to my new blog. It's taken me years to find the time or feel it's necessary to jot down notes, thoughts, exercises or just a feel good (not bad) moment to share.

Some of you know from a previous post that we recently celebrated 10 years this past month. What started as a service for a few friends ended up being a network of like local businesses that were ready for a change. Well, this past year, we did a change. Most days, life is like a paradise, with mostly sunny days and mild temps during the winter. But some are a bit trying. Trying to get the local scene, trying to fit into the business and music scene, just trying to adapt. Seems only fair since we've been asking businesses to adapt. Through soft openings, to getting through a global pandemic, and then adjusting once again post-COVID. Unfortunately a number of clients and friends did not make it through, and that has affected us as well.

For nearly 2 years, we were told to "Stay Home". "Play it Safe". I've never been one to listen to government chants, but working from home, it was easy to adhere to their requests. Well blow me down if I didn't come down with a Social Anxiety that, at times, will dictate how and where I go and do business. I used to just be "that guy" who would say stuff like, "rub some dirt on it" and "come on, snap out of it". But through this new social disfunction, I've had a huge wave of compassion and understanding of someone going through hard times. A breakdown will do that. It's a reset button for sure. It has been over two years and I feel more at ease with the decisions we've made. At ease, not complacent. Anymore. Through hard times come hard decisions, and we're still making them. But we're looking to really expand out here in South Carolina now as we still call Springfield, Illinois home base.

Growth is scary. It's changing habits and getting uncomfortable for the greater good. I think I'm ready. I wasn't before. I hope you follow us on our journey and we're not too annoying in the process. I promise I'll make this blog readable and mildly entertaining. I'll keep you posted. New biz cards come this week. May get out to a few open mics or somethin. I dunno. OH. OK, dammit.



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Oct 03, 2023

Love you both ....


Oct 03, 2023



Oct 03, 2023

Well said….. can’t wait for more!!!

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