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A true mentor & a bright idea

I spent last Sunday traveling up to the gorgeous state of North Carolina. Truth be told, we may have chosen the wrong Carolina to live in, but I digress.

I was invited by a long time friend and mentor Fred Puglia. Now if you've not heard of him, you certainly have heard of his creations.

  • Lincoln Fest

  • Decatur Celebration

  • Air Rendezvous and countless others spanning five decades in the promotions and festival arena. Sounds a bit like another great friend Len Trumper. Len wrote a fantastic book of his career just a few years ago.

As I sat with Fred, I could see the light in his (near blind) eyes when he spoke about The Glamour Girls, Doo-Wop acts, his travel agency (A part of his brand of companies under the Perfect Impressions umbrella) and of course his lovely wife Nora. These are not just stories, they're magnificent tales from an industry I have been a part of for most of my life- entertainment. Fred is a great story-teller. So rich yet humble way of saying, "yeah, I know a few folks and done a few things". He is modest. But I said something to him that shook him a bit. I told him about my recent project that is part of my legacy kick involving my brother Steve Hinds. Steve was an incredible song writer and musician. Although these days, he'd be at a local open mic in Macomb with his bongos.

I told him I wanted to record about 20 of Steve's best tunes (out of 1,000-which there's 100 good ones). The reason why~ if I didn't tell his stories (songs), they would die with him. And they're just too good to let fade away without archiving. Not sure if he bought into allowing me to be his ghost writer or not, but I could tell, it made him think. And he has tons of fabulous archives, framed memories, awards and The Stud Rock. (the sequel to The Pet Rock).

Maybe if there's anything that is really outstanding with technology and social media is it gives folks a way to archive some very important things in their life. It gives everyone a platform to show off their songs or share their tales. Of course you must sift through oodles of crap & selfies to find them.

So. How you gonna tell your story?

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